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United Western Denver is the largest stocking distributor to the Mountain West of a variety of industrial & metal finishing products. Our inventory includes sandblasting equipment & supplies, abrasives, washed silica sands, foundry supplies, refractories, industrial chemicals, water filtration medias, Vibratory equipment and supplies, waterjet garnet and parts. We offer on site blasting evaluations, trouble shooting, and equipment service. 


We are the one stop shop for all your metal finishing needs


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Our all-in-one WETBLAST FLEX system gives you convenience you don't get from traditional slurry systems. Its design and simplified set up and operation make for easier end-of-shift shutdown. By mixing the abrasive and water after it leaves the blast machine, you never have to empty a machine of a messy water/abrasive mix.

Flexible set up options allow you to position the water injector either at the base of the blast machine or at the nozzle - your choice. With the injector at the nozzle, you can adjust the the water/abrasive mix at any time.

 You can dry-blast with the FLEX, simply remove the injector adaptor mounted at the base of the machine, and turn off air to the pump.

Wetblast Flex

 Wetblast Flex Info

CLEMCO Wetblast Injector System

Clemco’s Wetblast Injector System adds the dust-suppressing power of water to any pressure blast machine.  The Wetblast injects a small amount of water into the high-velocity abrasive/air stream just before the nozzle. This unit provides the flexibility to blast wet or dry at the turn of a dial. Your affordable solution to eco-friendly dustless blasting


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