RPB® Z-Link®

RPB® Z-Link®
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The most versatile multi-purpose respirator on the planet. From welding and grinding to chemical handling, the RPB® Z-Link® serves the widest spectrum of industries and applications on the market. This is more than a product. It's a system. Engineered to advance your safety. Designed to increase your productivity.

Work in comfort with the first-ever padded welding helmet.

Optimum Vision

Greater visibility in a multi-purpose respirator. Exceptional downward and peripheral vision combined with a visor that hinges open for free air breathing and easy communication. Optical Quality. Superior ADF with the all-important fourth "1". Advanced angular dependence control guarantees uniform shading and distortion-free vision, allowing you to work comfortably and effortlessly for hours across different angles.

Comfort-Link™ Fit System

Introducing a fully-adjustable Comfort-Link™ Fit System allowing for total control of helmet and head placement. Customization has been turbo-charged with a 360-degree adjustable head band, enabling you to position your eyes and nose from the lens to the precise millimeter.