GMA SpeedBlast™

GMA SpeedBlast™

High Performance General Purpose Garnet Abrasive

GMA SpeedBlast™ garnet abrasive is a high performance, general purpose blasting abrasive that delivers the most efficient and cost-effective blast cleaning on most surfaces that have medium rust or medium thickness coatings.

GMA SpeedBlast™ garnet abrasive is well suited to a broad range of applications in the surface preparation industry:

  • Building, structural steel construction and maintenance.
  • Construction and maintenance of chemical plants, power stations, mining and processing equipment, gas and sewerage plants, desalination and industrial plants.
  • Construction and maintenance of containers and tanks, tank trucks and rail tanks, wagons and coaches.
  • Oil and Petrochemical maintenance on pipelines, refineries and storage tanks including on-shore and off-shore installations.

Unique and Cost-Saving Advantages

Superior cleaning rate – up to twice the performance of conventional abrasives with more grains per volume (typically 20 million grains per kg) of active abrasive particles impacting the surface at the rate of 15-25m2 per hour.

Low consumption rate of 8-10kg/m2 is easily achieved. GMA SpeedBlast™ garnet is recyclable up to 4-6 times (depending on the application) due to its superior toughness and low friability (7.5-8.0 Mohs). It is possible to reduce garnet consumption by 65% via recycling.

SA3 white metal is effortlessly achieved. The shape and size of the grains ensure an even surface profile of 50-70 microns at 100psi at the blast nozzle.