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Count on great results when you choose the original -- genuine Grit-O'Cobs® granules. Hard and abrasive, yet soft and absorbent; strong and powerful, yet gentle and biodegradable, the properties of Grit-O'Cobs seem impossible. But bottom line, Grit-O'Cobs works. No matter the application, you'll achieve professional results and outstanding value.

The amazing corncob has both absorbent and abrasive properties. The chaff is on the outside, pith is the soft spongy center and the tough woody ring is formed in between. The chaff and pith provide absorbency while the woody ring has major abrasive properties.


Additional Information

  • Easy to use, great for restoration
  • Safe, effective cleaning media
  • High efficiency reduces material required
  • Little or no masking required, reduced labor cost
  • Less aggressive than sandblasting or power washing, no silica content
  • Spent material can be used as absorbent
  • Works well with standard sandblasting equipment
  • Virtually dust-free
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Biodegradable
  • Particle size ranges support variety of uses
  • Can be reused as a general purpose absorbent
  • Mohs hardness of 4.5
  • Available in the following sizes





  • Available in the following packaging:

              -10/14 & 14/20 come in 50 lb. paper bag

              -20/40 & 40/60 come in 40 lb. paper bag


Supporting Documents

 MSDS Sheet

10/14 Technical Specs

14/20 Technical Specs

20/40 Technical Specs

40/60 Technical Specs