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ERVIN Amasteel Shot & Grit

As the leading international producer of cast steel abrasives, Ervin Industries' AMASTEEL trademark has become synonymous worldwide with product quality, reliability, and customer support. We believe that is why Ervin AMASTEEL outsells its nearest competitor, three to one.

As a blast cleaning medium, shot, grit, or a mixture is used to remove various forms of surface contamination from a broad spectrum of steel or foundry products.

As a peening application, AMASTEEL, shot is used to impart compressive strength to torque or load bearing metal parts, such as jet engine trubine blades, automotive springs, or heavy equipment crankshafts.

The sharp angular form of grit makes it ideal for etching a textured surface on metal - thus enhancing its ability to bond with paqint, enamel, rubber, or other coatings.

Additional Information

  • AMASTEEL Shot is availible in the following sizes:

          -S-70, S-110, S-170, S-230, S-280,

             S-330, S-390, S460, S-550, S-660,


  • AMASTEEL Grit is available in the following sizes:

          -G-120, G-80, G-50, G-40, G-25, G-18,

             G-16, G-14, G-12, G-10

  • AMASTEEL Shot & Grit are available in the following hardnesses:

            -S hardness - 90% minimum

                              402-558 KHN (40-51 HRC)

            -M hardness - 90% minimum

                              495-650 KHN (47-56 HRC)

            -L hardness - 90% minimum

                             612-754 KHN (54-61 HRC)

            -H hardness - 90% minimum

                             732 KHN (60 HRC minimum)

  • Available in the following packaging:

            -50 lb. paper bag

            -1500-2000 lb. steel drum (drum weight

               varies with product size)

Supporting Documents

MSDS Sheet