Clemco Manual Quantum Valve

Clemco Quantum


The Quantum precisely meters all common blast abrasives. This allows the user to switch to the appropriate abrasive for the job, without changing themetering valve. The Quantum is standard on all Contractor Blast Machines.

Requirements for Operation

• Works with all common blast media.

• For maximum productivity, use clean, dry, properly-graded and screened abrasive.

Description of Operation

The Quantum is operated by a knob that controls the movement of a flat metering plate placed horizontally across the opening at the bottom of the blast machine. Abrasive is gravity fed from the blast machine cone onto the top of the metering plate. Placing the metering plate horizontally beneath the vertical flow of abrasive keeps the area above the plate filled with abrasive. This ensures uniform abrasive flow, whether the valve is partially or fully open.

 quantum valve diagram

 quantum service kit