Clemco Spin-Kote


Clemco’s Spin-Kote pipe coating tools are designed to apply coatings to the internal surface of pipes from 3” to 96” inside diameter. The tools utilize any airless pump system with a minimum ratio of 30:1. The spray heads are pneumatically driven and can apply coatings of varying viscosity and composition with a pot life of 30 minutes or more. All Spin-Kote tools include carriages which center the spray heads in the pipe.


The Spin-Kote tool and paint pump require a total of 150 cfm @ 100 psi of clean dry air to operate efficiently. Paint is ap-plied in a 360° pattern by the centrifugal force of the spinning paint head. The coating material is fed to the spray head through a fluid manifold for maximum, even, distribution. The volume of coating material is adjusted by changing the pressure on the paint pump or by changing the orifice used in the back-pressure assembly. Coating thickness is controlled by the speed at which the Spin-Kote is moved through the pipe. Typical applications call for a user-supplied rigid support to guide the removal of the tool during the painting process. For higher-production jobs, a customerprovided drive (gear motor or variablespeed drive) ensures a consistent paint application.


The Spin-Kote can be used with any coating that can be applied with an airless spray system. Typically, pipes are coatedinternally for potable water applications, corrosion protection, reducing pipe maintenance, and making pipe inspection easier. Coating pipes internally provides a defectfree surface, which greatly increases the flow of material through the pipe.


Spin-Kote tools require sufficient air volume and air pressure to operate efficiently. The air supply must come from a compressor capable of delivering 150 cfm at 100 psi of clean dry air. A pressurized air tank can be substituted for a compressor provided the coating’s viscosity does not exceed 20 seconds through a Zahn II cup. Consult your coatings supplier for the equipment required to apply the coating specified for your job. The following is required to properly operate a Spin-Kote tool: Requirements Clean, dry air supplied to the air motor Paint pump capable of maintaining a ratio of 30:1 Surge chamber with strainer Airless spray gun Back-pressure orifice assembly 50ft x 3/4" high-pressure paint hose Air receiver tank with air regulator and gauge 50ft x 3/8" air hose.