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PSA Discs & Sanding Belts

The GOOD choice for sanding a variety of surfaces like wood, paint and composites. Available in 5″ and 6″ sticky
back. Aluminum oxide paper discs have a clog free coating and are the value choice where price is the only factor.

Features P graded Aluminum Oxide abrasive
Resin bond system provides improved grain adhesion
Tough flexible paper backing
Special stearate top coating For fast cut and long life.
Durable and resistant to tearing.
Provides resistance to clogging of dust and debris.

Our stock of Aluminum Oxide, Silicon Carbide, and Zirconia belts are ideal for edge sanding, bevel grinding, and flat surface grinding. Our belts come in a wide range of sizes and grits starting at 36 grit and going all the way to 600 grit to compliment all sanding needs from stock removal to fine finishing. If you are a large scale production shop or a DIY’er, our portable belts will perform with finish and longevity in mind.