• Crushed Glass

Crushed Glass

Crushed Recycled Glass is an alternative glass sandblasting media that is safe, clean, and fast…plus its use directly benefits the environment.

Crushed glass eliminates the Silicosis hazard because it is a completely inert media that contains no free silica (less than 1%) or heavy metals and produces less dust than OSHA limits. Recycled glass dust is classified by OSHA/NIOSH as a “nuisance” dust. Comparatively, silica sand in its natural state has a crystalline structure that is a known airborne carcinogen.


Additional Information

Made from recycled glass products
Environmentally friendly
Non-reactive and inert
less than 1% free silica

Available in the following sizes and types:

Recycled TV Tube

– Medium

– Fine

Recycled Bottle Glass

– Coarse

– Medium

– Fine

Recycled LED

– Medium

Available in the following packaging:

– 50 lb. paper bags



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