• Clemco Room
  • Clemco Engineered
  • Rohner Booth



  • Engineered Blast Enclosures
    • A Clemco Industrial Blast Facility can be designed and engineered for your application—whatever your budget—from a fully-equipped blast room with recovery and dust collection—to a simple sweepin recovery system for an existing blast room.
    • Belt Conveyor
    • Flat-Trak
    • Screw Conveyor
    • Hopper
  • Pre-assembled Blast Encolsures
    • These blast rooms arrive at your site ready to install. Connect the components and add power and air. Because the room must ship via truck, room dimensions are limited to 14 feet by 7 feet by 8 feet tall. The room includes full area recovery – pneumatic or mechanical – as well as lights, control panel, one full-width, full-height door, and a separate personnel door. You can select the blast machine package (one or more operators), dust collection (recovery only or full room), media reclamation system (air wash or cyclonic), blast suit and respirator, and any special parts-handling equipment you need.


  • Paint Booth
    • Rohner’s Paint Spray Booths are engineered to deliver a safe, clean and efficient working environment. Rohner booths are built with the industrial grade components, include BAT (best-available technology), and are proudly made in the USA. Paint spray booths produce optimal, accurate finishing results across a variety of industries and finishing applications.
  • Blast enclosures
    • Abrasive blast booth can be configured for low to moderate reclaim vacuum and sweep chute recover or high product full floor automated recovery. Operator and environmental safety is maintained by Rohner CM series cartridge collectors or Rohner DC series high product dust collectors.
  • Powdercoating Booths
    •  Full line of batch non-reclaim, batch recovery and high production booths. High production process powder coating booths are engineered to meet specific finishing solutions. Every Rohner collector module includes exclusive Shock Wave filter cleaning technology.
  • Ovens
    • Rohner builds standard and customized Batch Process Ovens and Continuous Process Ovens that offer economical, modular heat technology solutions to meet your preheating, baking, curing and dry-off needs. Whether you are heating aerospace parts to 140°, powder coat at 400°, or specialty coatings at 500°, Rohner has the engineering expertise to design an oven to fit your specific requirements for your finishing system.