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Dust Collection


  • CDF Collectors
    • The CDF is an efficient reverse-pulse style collector used to provide ventilation for all sizes of industrial blast facilities. Units are of simple, modular design and are easy to install, operate, and maintains
  • RPH Dust Collectors (Reverse Pulse)


  • Cartridge Dust Collection
    • Cartridge dust collector systems have become the go-to for general filtration needs for a variety of applications, including metalworking, plastics, pharmaceutical, food processing waste and recycling.
  • Bag House Dust Collection
    • Baghouse fabric bags have a longer service life cycle than cartridge filters — reducing the frequency of filter replacements — and can handle a more demanding application with heavier dust
  • Action Booth Dust Collection
    • The ACTion Booth dust collector’s multifunction design can meet your workspace needs and CFM (cubic feet per minute) requirements and can be used in a wide range of dust-collection applications such as:
      • Grinding
      • Sanding
      • Blasting
      • Powder Coating
      • Cutting Metals
      • Spraying Powders


  • Dust Socks
  • Black Max Fans

Highly efficient, economical solutions for industrial dust collection and airborne particulate filtration. Dust Socks are made from 100% Cotton Sateen and include built in zippers for cleaning purposes. All socks are slightly breathable and tapered at the necks for fitting purposes. Dust Socks are available in a variety of stock sizes but may be custom fabricated to fit any dust collection application.

Air Movers

Air movers, or air horns, are used wherever there is a need to disperse fumes, move air into confined spaces, cool men working in elevated temperature conditions, or cool machinery or products with a blast of directed air.  Common applications are found in refineries, chemical plants, utilities and cogeneration units, metal fabrication plants, paper and pulp plants, shipyards, the marine industry and the steel industry.

Smoke Eaters

Smoke eaters remove contaminants like dust, pollen, bacteria, fungi, smoke, and viruses far better than competitors.