• clemco 160 cuft blast machine

Clemco 160 Cuft Big Clem Bulk Blast Machine

Unbeatable for production, strength and safety

Clemco makes Bulk Blast Machines that outperform every competitive unit on the market. Clemco’s extensive inventory of manual, automatic and remote controls allow flexible configurations to match large scale production needs exactly. A built in Pop-Up valve for quickly loading abrasive and an optional operator controlled Abrasive Cut-off Switch operated at the blast nozzle are a boost to production rates, drastically cutting back on down time.

Big Clems are offered in three sizes: 60, 120 and 160 cubic feet (pressure vessel abrasive volume). Each size is available as stationaryyard towable or highway towable. Nine models give you a wide choice to meet your specific bulk blast requirements.

Superb quality features make the Clemco Big Clem unbeatable! Strong steel frame trailer, axles and wheels not duplicated by any of our competitors. Additional safety is provided through four wheel brakes and emergency break-away switch on highway models and multi-ply tires based on weight loads.

Top and bottom of the blast pressure vessels are fitted with semi elliptical chamber ends. The shape of the bottom of the blast chambers allows freer flow of abrasive by eliminating dead space. All Big Clems are built to strict ASME codes for pressure vessels. Unique to the Big Clem is a 12” X 16” manway located in the side of the pressure vessel to permit access to the chamber interior for cleaning and maintenance.

Clemco’s Big Clems incorporate the latest operator safety technology. The operator has complete control over air and abrasive flow with a fail-to-safe system initiated in an emergency by a “dead man” switch located at the nozzle. The operator can also cut off abrasive flow while maintaining air flow to permit blow off of blasted parts or work pieces.