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Foundry – Green Diamond

Green Diamond Performance Materials provides the foundry industry with a synthetic olivine sand produced in the USA containing no Free Silica. Our foundry material breaks down less than silica and natural olivine and comes with advantages of low thermal expansion, low thermal conductivity, no loss on ignition, and greater insulating values. Using Green Diamond can help reduce costs as you’ll require less make up sand and binder additions while pouring less metal.

The particle distribution of Green Diamond consistently meets AFS and GFN standards.

Green Diamond is highly adaptable for use with aluminum, brass, bronze, gray iron, ductile iron and manganese steel. Green Diamond can also be used in green sand, no bake and lost foam applications, while providing clean, smooth, and consistent castings.

  • Low thermal expansion reduces defects
  • Low thermal conductivity decreases pouring temperatures by about 30-50°F
  • Reduces make up sand additions and binder burnout
  • No loss on Ignition eliminating pitting or gas defects
  • Greater insulating values allows metal to flow up to 45% further than silica or olivine
Available in the following packaging:
  • 50 lb. paper bags
  • 3,000 lb. super sacks
  • Pneumatic truckloads
Sizes Available
  • 115 Green Diamond
  • 50/100 Green Diamond