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Antimicrobial coated turf sand

Safe for the Environment

• OptiFILL+ is manufactured by an Eco-friendly VOC free coating process using natural river washed silica sand as a substrate
• No color leaching in water up to 250 °F in autoclav

Safe for your Home & Family

• Antimicrobial coating prevents growth of bacteria, fungi and mold, keeping your turf clean and disinfected
• Odor control properties for ammonia (pet urine)
• Phthalates, Lead and Heavy Metals free
• Non-flammable, non-toxic and dust free

Durable and Reusable

• Using a high-quality sand substrate, OptiFILL+’s innovative coating is designed to enhance durability to ensure longevity and reusability of the infill
• Stable, Non-degradable antimicrobial

High-Performance Infill

• OptiFILL+ is UV and weathering resistant, with no detectable color change or degradation after 2,000 hours of accelerated weathering; however, competitors saw weathering after only 500 hours
• OptiFILL+ improves the drainage of the turf system for maximum fluid (water/pet urine) infiltration


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