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Schmidt Micro Valve Classic

Schmidt valves consistently lead the industry
in providing an unbeatable combination of
operator safety, performance, ease of use and
durability. Schmidt valves enable the operator to
use significantly less abrasive and are engineered
to maximize blasting productivity and reduce

The MICROVALVE provides high
precision metering of abrasive media to increase
production and effectively control media use.
The patent-pending virtual position indicator
allows the operator to quickly and easily set
and maintain a consistent media flow rate,
every time. A maintenance-friendly design
allows for quick cleanout without removing or
disassembling the valve. Most repairs can be
made with the valve mounted on the vessel


  • Suitable for use with multiple abrasives
  • Highest quality components made from
    durable, abrasive-resistant materials
  • Body is quality carbon steel and base/nipple are
    high strength, hardened steel for durability and
    long life, even when using aggressive media
  • Internal porting and internal bypass line
    promote better abrasive flow (up to double that
    of other valves, depending on abrasive) and
    extend life of internal components
  • Cleanout port to remove obstructions without
    removing or disassembling the valve
  • Rebuild kit can be installed from bottom side of
    valve, while still mounted on vessel
  • Plunger is easy to remove and install with
    standard tools, does not require complete valve
  • Fits most brands of abrasive blasting equipment