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SHARPSHOT® Iron Silicate

SHARPSHOT®, has been a proven abrasive for over 20 years. Shipyards and contractors have relied on Sharpshot, for quality, speed of cut, and price effectiveness, and it is the preferred abrasive at many installations. In tests run for NIOSH by an independent testing firm, Sharpshot, was shown to be the best abrasive in cutting speed and cost per sq. ft. It is environmentally friendly and approved to be recycled into the manufacture of Portland cement.

Additional Information
Available in the following sizes
  • 12/30 (X-Coarse)
  • 20/50 (Coarse)
  • 30/60 (Medium)
Available in the following packaging
  • 50lb. Paper Bags
  • 4,000 lb. Bulk Bags
  • Pneumatic Truckloads
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