• synthetic media


Benefits of Synthetic Media

  • Eliminates foaming as well as the residue plaguing polyester media formulations.
  • 20% to 45% lower Bulk Density than Polyester and Ceramic Media offering a Greater Volume per pound and yielding a lower working cost
  • Lesser weight Per Cubic Ft. Synthetic will reduce surface hammering and impingement:
    Synthetic 55/lbs Cu. Ft., Polyester 65/lbs. Cu. Ft., Ceramic 85/lbs. Cu Ft.
  • Offers extremely Fine Finishes. (Ideal for medical, Dental, Aerospace etc…..)
  • The effluent from Vibra Finish Synthetic Media separates quickly and clearly in a matter of hours compared to days for Polyester Media.
  • Vibra Finish Synthetic Media is water based making it the most cost effective and easily treated material for removal in waste water systems.
  • Quick settling of solids makes closed-loop waste water systems practical, affordable offering a considerable water cost saving for continual use.

S = Standard (no minimum order required)
N = Non Standard (500 min. order for non-stock)



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