Trinco Model Blast Cabinets

Trinco has been manufacturing high quality and affordable blast cabinets for over 50 years. Available in almost any custom size and suitable to a variety of applications.

Trinco Blast Cabinets come standard with:

  • Heavy 14″ gauge steel welded construction
  • Heavy weight blast gloves
  • Quick change window frame
  • Large safety glass window with replaceable protective plastic lines
  • Tungsten carbide nozzle and air jet
  • Safely enclosed foot pedal blast control
  • Padded armholes
  • Dust collector
  • Shadow free fluorescent lighting – mounted through ceiling with replaceable shield
  • Steel mesh work floor
  • Front, Side, or Clamshell door options

Direct Pressure cabinets
Direct Pressure Blast Cabinets deliver a pressurized high-velocity stream of media providing the power and speed needed for production blasting and removal of tough coatings. Heavy layers of paint, rust, scale, corrosion, etc. are quickly and easily removed. Direct Pressure Cabinets are 3-4 times faster than Siphon cabinets when blasting at half the pressure. TRINCO Direct Pressure Models include an ASME blast tank to pressurize the media, an Abrasive Separator to clean the media and a large dust collector to filter out the dust and provide good cabinet visibility. Many options such as harsh media wear package, HEPA filtration, turntables, power baskets, 3 PH electrical, etc. are available. Also available with 900 RPC Cartridge Dust Collector.

Suction Cabinets
Designed for intermittent blasting operations. The TRINCO Model 36 with Dust Collector vacuums the dust and contamination from the cabinet. Media is recycled from the gun system to the hopper and back to the gun system. Available with TRINCO Model 36 with BP Dust Collector.

TRINCO Sodium bi-Carbonate (Soda) Blast Cabinets
Blasting with Sodium Bi-carbonate (Soda) media removes paint, grease, oil, dirt, etc. off parts without any surface damage or change in finish. TRINCO Soda Blast cabinets are designed for blasting specifically with Sodium Bi-Carbonate Media. Specialized components and machine design are utilized for smooth consistent flow of soda media. System is designed to blast soda media for one time because soda media is not recyclable.

TRINCO Tumble Blaster
Simplify the difficult job of blasting small, hard to hold parts. Load your small parts into the basket or barrel, close the door and set the timer. The mounted blast gun will blast your parts as they tumble in the barrel. When timer expires, the blast gun stops leaving your parts clean and ready for the next batch. Some Models offer both tumble and manual blast capability. Many manual TRINCO models can be equipped with our power basket accessory package for Tumble Blasting. They are also available for retrofit to an existing blast cabinet. Also available with Abrasive Separator or 900 RPC Cartridge Dust Collector.