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Black Magic® Coal Slag

Black Magic® “The Tough Stuff” is a coal slag product manufactured by Abrasive Incorporated that is above the rest in the sandblasting industry. The success and continued growth of our business is due to the fact that we are providing a product of excellent quality and exceptional value to our customers.

The byproduct of Lignite coal fired electrical generation plants produces a sandblasting abrasive that is unmatched in appearance, quality and performance.

Additional Information
  • Hard angular particles
  • 6.5-7.5 on MOHS hardness scale
  • Consistent weight and size
  • Fast Cleaning
  • Excellent profile for coating adhesion
  • Very clean TCLP
  • Non-hazardous abrasive
  • <.02% free silica
  • Non-crystalline structure
  • Available in the following sizes:
    • 16/40
    • 20/40
    • 40/60
  • Available in the following packaging:
    • 40 lb. Paper Bags
    • 50 lb. Paper Bags
    • 3,000 lb. Bulk Bags
    • Pneumatic Truckloads
  • Available Additives:
    • Blastox® (lead abatement)
    • Dustnet® (dust supressant)
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