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Clemco RLX II Deadman

Control handle for remote activation and deactivation of an abrasive blast machine. Fail-to-safe system stops blasting if operator drops or loses control of the handle. For use with Clemco remote control systems only.

OSHA regulations require remote controls on all abrasive blast machines. Pneumatic remote control systems operate efficiently with up to 100 feet of twinline control hose. Electric remote control systems operate efficiently at distances up to 500 feet. For distances greater than 300 feet, special remote control cable is required.

Requirements for Operation These items are required but are not included with the handle: • Twinline remote control hose (for pneumatic handles) • Electric cord (for electric handles) • Blast machine fitted with Clemco remote control valves • Power source (for electric handles)

Description of Operation Pressing the remote control handle activates the system and starts blasting; releasing the handle stops blasting. When the handle is released, a spring-loaded lever mechanism keeps the handle from accidentally activating the system.

The pneumatic handle utilizes twinline hose (both sides of the twinline are 3/16″ ID). Air travels out one side of the twinline hose and escapes from an orifice in the handle. When the handle is pressed, a rubber button blocks the orifice, diverting the air back along the other side of the twinline hose. The returning air activates the remote control valves to begin blasting.

Electric remote controls use an electric cord and micro-switch in place of the twinline hose and orifice used in pneumatic handles. Electric handles operate on 12 volts.

(NOTE: Remote control systems operate on 12-volt DC or 120-volt AC, but for safety, the power to the handle is always reduced to 12 volts.)

All Clemco remote control valves operate pneumatically. The electric signals from the remote control handle operate solenoids that, in turn, operate the pneumatic remote control system.

WARNING! Never modify or substitute remote control parts. Parts from other manufacturers are NOT compatible with Clemco equipment.

Advantages – Pneumatic • Meets OSHA requirement for remote control system • Relatively inexpensive • Twinline hose cannot be connected incorrectly • Simple design is easy to service

Advantages – Electric • Meets OSHA requirement for remote control system • Fast response at distances up to 500 feet • Low-profile, threaded connectors secure neatly to hose