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Schmidt G2 Deadman

The Schmidt brand G2 pneumatic and G2E electric
deadman controls are widely considered to be the
most dependable and safest available. Designed
based on real-world abrasive airblast applications,
these deadman controls have all the features and
benefits that operators are looking for. The G2 and
G2E are easy and comfortable to use, provide fast
response, are simple to maintain and optimize
operator safety.

G2 Pneumatic Deadman Control
• Longer lever provides optimal leverage, making
the deadman easy to depress and hold comfortably
in the “on” position
• Handle and new button design allow operator
to flex and relax hand position for better comfort
while blasting, retaining safety while preventing
unwanted shut-off
• Curved body follows hose contour and provides a
better fit to the blast hose
• Easily adjusted for left or right-handed use
• Wide port spacing for easy twinline connection
• Visual markings and different size fittings help
ensure a correct connection
• Body and handle position are “reversed” to prevent
dust and contaminants from getting under the
handle when moving the blast hose assembly

G2E Electric Deadman Control
• Electric controls are recommended for hose lengths
150 feet or longer
• Same comfort as the G2 pneumatic deadman
• Military spec, high cycle rugged electric switch
• Specially designed, 150-lbs pull test cord
• Improved jacketing of the cord protects against